Our team understands the demands of a private practice.

Managing a private medical practice can be highly demanding, particularly when also juggling an employed position and time with your family and friends.

Rockbridge Medical is an established practice management company, designed to alleviate the pressures of private practice admin, whilst also providing solid business advice based on over 25 years experience in the healthcare sector when it comes to practice growth.

Our services have been developed in direct response to demands from consultants seeking to regain control of their practice in an ever-evolving medical landscape.

Our primary aims:

  • Give you more time.
    By reducing your administration, you can focus on treating patients or creating a better work-life balance.
  • Reduce your practice costs.
    From analysis and assessment, economising is entirely possible.
  • Put you in the driving seat.
    Whether you choose our admin support services, our business development consultancy, our marketing assistance, or the full package, we help you get and stay in control of your practice.
  • Lend an ear.
    Sometimes you just need to talk through your ideas, or concerns, with someone that can listen and knows your sector.
  • Provide honest advice. When it comes to your practice, you will want to be kept informed and be able to discuss new tried and tested ways to do things.
  • Assess viability of your practice model.
    It is important to always be thinking hard about both the short and long-term.
  • Connect you with the right people.
    Profitable doctor or commercial relationships can make the biggest difference to the success of your practice.
  • Share useful tools for your practice.
  • Reassure.
    That you don’t have to make this journey alone – expert help is available.